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  • Disable Internet Access - By using this option you are able to restrict access to the Internet when using Internet Explorer and other Microsoft compatible products such as Office.
  • Disable "Add-Favorite dialog" - disables the Favorites menu, adding to favorites, or organizing favorites.
  • Disable Files Downloading - disallow users to download files from Internet by using the option . This option is applicable to IE Browser only.
  • Disable Right-Click Context Menu - this option enables you to hide the HTML context menu.
  • Disable Form Autocomplete - disables AutoComplete for forms.
  • Disable Password Autocomplete - prevents "Prompt me to save password" from being displayed.
  • Disable Toolbar Customization - disables the function to customize toolbar in Internet Explorer.
  • Disable the "Open" item of the "File-menu" - disables Open command on File menu, CTRL+O, and CTRL+L.
  • Disable the "New" item of the "File-menu" - also disables CTRL+N
  • Disable the "Save As" item of the "File-menu" - disables Save and Save As on the File menu.
  • Disable the "Close" item of the "File-menu" - also disables ALT+F4.
  • Disable the "View Source" item of the "View-menu" - prevents viewing the context of web pages.
  • Disable the "Internet Options" item of "Tools-menu" - disables Internet Options on the Tools menu (disables changing browser settings).
  • Disable the "Windows update" item of "Tools-menu" - disables an ability to update Windows from Internet.
  • Restrict ActiveX program installations in Internet Explorer - This tweak allows you to restrict the ability to install programs via the ActiveX control using Internet Explorer.
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