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Product description

Registry Cleaner - RegFix Mantra

RegFix Mantra is one of the most popular software downloads in System Optimizer category, with a download count of over 5 million from over 96 countries.....and growing.

Features of RegFix Mantra Registry Cleaner and Optimizer

   Proficient Scanning and Detection Algorithm

RegFix Mantra comes with the best and most enhanced problem detection algorithm. The registry sections are scanned deeply with the ingenous scanning procedures to provide an error free Windows Registry to give your system much needed optimizing boost.

   Elimination of problems associated with Windows registry

After the cleaning process, RegFix Mantra eliminates the problems associated with bad registry elements such as

  • Slow Boot up
  • Longer Machine Response Time
  • Unexpected System Crashes
  • BSOD (Blue Screen of Death)
  • Unresponsive System
  • Slower Internet Browser Response
  • Slow start up of your favorite software

   Cleaning up the keys and values which propogates system instability

With continous usage, installation and uninstallation of software, Internet browsing, downloads etc, the Windows Registry bloats up and houses keys which render the system unstable and crash-prone. RegFix Mantra finds and safely cleans the registry of such invalid , useless and potential harmful registry enteries.

   Inconsistent Keys - a key to improved system performance and stability

RegFix Mantra effeciently removes the inconsistent and left-over registry enteries, which acts as a major force to decrease overall competency of the operating system.

   Scans and Removes inconsistent file references and program shortcuts
   Bring back the fonts in order
   Complete corrects the file association
   Self-explanatory Scan result window

RegFix Mantra provides an easy to understand scan result window for expert as well as novice users. Each registry error is marked with its potential danger level. This feature provides user the leverage to select the keys that should be deleted.

   Section Wise cleaning

RegFix Mantra provides a complete and exhaustive scan by dividing the registry into 13 sections, thus has the maximum reach in the windows registry segment. Each section and their problems are specific seperately in the scan result window.

   Customizing RegFix Mantra to suit personal usage

RegFix Mantra can be cusotomized to suits personal taste and manner of use. It provides an option to backup keys before the deletion process, and further more, the keys can be brought back from the back as well.

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